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Review: Tom Hughes-Croucher on Node

If you are looking for a video tutorial on how to get started using Node.js, then this is not the video for you. Unlike most of the O’Reilly training videos, this one puts theory far before practical development concerns, making it all but useless for practical study. 

Worse still, Croucher spends a good deal of time doing what can only be described as justifying the use of JavaScript on the server. It was interesting the first time he mentioned and probably necessary, since we tend to cast the language as a client side only tool, but when he repeats his point over and over again it sounds like he is speaking from a position of frustration or desperation rather than authority. 

Still, this video is not all bad. Though it did not teach me what I was looking to learn, it has forced me to reevaluate my opinion of JavaScript and has made even more hungry for information on Node.js. Further, Croucher does make some good comparisons between Node.js and other technologies (mostly PHP but he does mention Ruby / Rails and Python also). If anything, he has convinced me that I do not necessarily need a large framework like Rails or Django for my personal projects. 

It should also be mentioned that Croucher is writing a book Node: Up and Running that may contain more practical samples. Perhaps he intends for the book and the video to be used in conjunction with one another?

I would not recommend this to a friend unless some more real-world or practical examples were added to the content.

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